About Valley Youth Theatre

Established in 1989, Valley Youth Theatre (VYT) is a professional quality, non-profit theatre dedicated to inspiring young people to be the best they can be through meaningful engagement, education and excellence in the performing arts.

From our humble early days in the basement of Tower Plaza Mall, VYT has evolved into an award-winning theatre company.  We are proud of the many contributions that we have made to the community over these past 30 years.

Valley Youth Theatre is a safe place where young people from diverse backgrounds can learn and grow as individuals, performers, and leaders through a transformational performing arts experience.  VYT is the only fee-free-to-participate organization for actors, musicians and crew members in Arizona. Therefore, youth from all socio-economic backgrounds can, and do, participate in our productions. At Valley Youth Theatre, we believe that we must be the best that we can be to inspire children to be the best that they can be. Our goal is to provide a transformational experience to these children that will carry with them into adulthood.

Our alumni have been extremely successful in the entertainment field including Academy Award-winning Emma Stone; “American idol” winner Jordin Sparks; television star Chelsea Kane; star of Netflix sensation “Orange is the New Black” Kimiko Glenn; Broadway stars Max Crumm, Charity Dawson and Nick Cartell; and many more. Just as impressive, however, are those alumni who have gone on to successful careers within our community. Professors, police officers, attorneys, physicians and school teachers top the list.

Valley Youth Theatre continues to provide professional level family entertainment to hundreds of thousands in the Greater Phoenix Area.  Our education and outreach programs have impacted the lives of 100,000+ children since our creation.  The organization has grown to a $1.7 million budget.  Our twelve full-time employees and hundreds of volunteers continue to strengthen our mission.

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