About Our Organization

About Our Organization
Phoenix Indian Center, established in 1947, is the oldest and first social service agency in the United States dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all with services targeted to American Indian people. In early years, we began as a drop-in location for urban American Indians coming to Phoenix to look for work. Today, we directly serve over 7,000 people annually with intensive workforce development, education and social services targeted toward adults and youth. Related outreach touches the lives of more than 20,000 urban American Indian men, women, and children every year. Funds raised through the annual Silver & Turquoise Ball provide unrestricted support for the Phoenix Indian Center. Our many programs and services provide hope, support, and opportunities to strengthen youth and families.

Our Mission
Phoenix Indian Center serves the American Indian community with culturally relevant youth services, language and cultural revitalization programs, education and workforce development.
Our Customers
Phoenix Indian Center provides direct service to customers who reside in the Phoenix-metro area, representing an average of 93 different Tribal Nations. Daily challenges for many include: lack of transportation, food insecurity, lack of childcare, limited access to health care, limited access to technology, limited access to internet.
  • In the last year the Phoenix Indian Center has:

    • Distributed more than 10,000 PPE kits (masks, gloves, & sanitizer) to the community
    • Assisted 1,000+ families with rent and utilities due to COVID hardships
    • Provided virtual skill building sessions to over 3,000 individuals
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