About Aunt Rita's Foundation

About Aunt Rita's Foundation

We will not stop until there’s a cure!

Aunt Rita’s Foundation has been pursuing since 2005 its mission to end HIV in Arizona. With our basic principle of “By the Community and For the Community” we collaborate with all Arizona HIV Service Organizations philanthropically supporting their critical services while forging unique partnerships at state and local governments, as well as private corporations. Aunt Rita’s Foundation has provided more than $2,000.000 in grant funding in support of critical HIV prevention and treatment programs throughout Arizona.

Aunt Rita’s Foundation was a founding member with the City of Phoenix Fast Track Cities initiative and plays a vital role in advocating at the Arizona legislature and State Government to establish laws, regulations and policies that further our efforts to educate, prevent HIV, and treat HIV.

With the launch of HIVAZ.org and VIHAZ.org in 2014, Aunt Rita’s Foundation commenced its own HIV education, outreach, testing and advocacy initiatives to fill in the service gaps not provided by other organizations.  Today we offer unique HIV testing initiatives that provide free home HIV test kits and vouchers throughout Arizona.  Aunt Rita’s Foundation innovative programs have helped all Arizonans know their status, along with supporting them in the prevention and/or treatment care they need.

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