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MISSION: The Phoenix Theatre Company creates exceptional theatrical experiences by using the arts to articulate messages that inspire hope and understanding.

VISION: The Phoenix Theatre Company believes the arts are essential because they foster the hero within, create a greater understanding of cultural and political differences and, in an era of simulated virtual gatherings, continue to provide a forum in which the community, from all walks of life, can gather live and in-person. We value theatre as a place where people can be accepted regardless of race, creed, orientation or color. The arts is where anyone can go—popular, geeky, broken down or affluent—and be welcomed. Theatre lives where we wish the whole world lived. By inspiring empathy and the ability to see things from another’s point of view, we encourage qualities that lead to visionary leadership and build communities in which we are proud to work and live.

We are inviting you to support the Southwest’s leading professional regional theatre founded in 1920. With nearly 500 performances annually on three stages, touching the lives of over 100,000 community members each season, The Phoenix Theatre Company is raising the bar for artistic experiences in Phoenix.

The Phoenix Theatre Company continues to build our community service initiatives. Our highly successful Partners That Heal program is expanding to hospitals and care organizations nationwide. Our youth Summer Camp creates inclusive opportunities for children with autism and other medical and social challenges. Our growing partnership with Arizona State University represents the cutting edge in arts education and training.

Join us in supporting this organization at the Applause! Gala on December 10, 2021 and be a part of  our extraordinary journey of newly envisioned experiences to uplift the community. For more information, contact Marisa Butler at 602.889.5288 or m.butler@phoenixtheatre.com. Together we can celebrate The Phoenix Theatre Company’s creative vision for our future!

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