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For over two decades, Hunkapi Programs, Inc. has been an Arizona not-for-profit corporation, offering therapeutic riding programs and services on behalf of many and varied populations within Maricopa County. Hunkapi Programs sits on a 10 acre farm that houses many different rescue animals that assist in our equine therapy programs. We serve more than 400 individuals weekly, ages three through adult, with behavioral, emotional, and physical special needs. Hunkapi serves first responders, individuals who suffer from PTSD, cancer patients, and more. In addition, Hunkapi provides volunteer opportunities for over 100-150 volunteers weekly and regular farm tours. In total, Hunkapi hosts over 500 visitors weekly.

Hunkapi’s unique somatic (“soma” means body) approach concentrates on improving life skills including focus, empathy, respect, communication, and emotional regulation through physical interaction with Hunkapi Horses. We connect children to their bodies through riding and then teach them to use their bodies’ response to help them understand their thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as turn past fearful traumas into present love responses. Being on a horse requires immediate and mindful consciousness of posture, balance, flexibility, strength and coordination. For those without full mobility, being on the horse allows for passive engagement of the muscles enabling muscle memory to engage, while strength, balance, and flexibility are improved. For some of our clients, our horses are their legs and the smiles, hope, and freedom that come from having legs is limitless. For other clients, who have lived lives trapped in trauma and abuse, our horses’ movement unravels the tightness in their torso from having a broken heart and loosens their grip on the reins from a life that has been chaotic and out of their control. Hunkapi believes that our programming and herd of horses should be available to all individuals in need, regardless of physical, emotional, socio-economic, or geographical limitations. We actively seek out community partnerships in order to extend equine programs to hundreds of under-privileged children, adolescents and adults in the Valley of the Sun.

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