Donation Packages
  • Single Mom Champion

    $2,500 can provide assistance for 1 single mom college student family for the final year of her college education!  After graduation, this mom will earn an average starting salary of over $50,000 plus benefits.

  • Single Mom Community College

    $250 can support 3 Single Mom Comunity College Network meetings for 25 nursing students and 10 mentors.  The Community provides an opportunity for single mom college students to meet with nurse mentors and to build mutually supportive relationships with each other.

  • No-Cost Champion

    $800 can provide critical support services for low income single mom college student families at no cost thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Your donation will be invested in hardworking women who are making great sacrifices to provide their children with a better future.

  • On the Road & in College Partner

    $400 can sponsor one family for one year ensuring their vehicle will be repaired quickly at no-cost to the mom. Helping Hands for Single Moms will pay for the parts and the labor.  The donation is also eligible for the AZ Charitable Tax Credit!

  • Holiday Happiness Hero

    $1,500 can provide a wonderful Holiday experience for the children from 2 families.  Over $20,000 in holiday gifts are donated annually.

  • AAA Towing Benefit

    $75 can provide 1 AAA towing membership for a single mom college student family for one year.  Whether it is a dead battery, keys locked in the car or a broken vehicle needing towed to the shop – your donation is making a difference.

  • Every Dollar Counts

    $50 will help low-income single mom college students succeed in school and in life. 

Cash Donation

When you donate your time, talent or funds, you assist women and children who live near (or below) poverty level. All contributions will help meet pressing needs and encourage the single mom families who are sacrificing so much right now. With your help, she will stay in school, earn her college degree and discover career opportunities that offer a sustainable income.

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