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Healing Through Artistic Expression

Free Arts uses the healing powers of the arts to help abused and homeless children build resiliency and learn to trust and heal. All of the children in Free Arts programs have experienced combinations of family trauma, homelessness, and violence. To begin to heal, they need services including mentoring, a caring community, and an opportunity to learn new skills and express themselves.

For over 27 years we’ve used the creative arts to help more than 130,000 children:

  • Build trusting relationships with caring adults
  • Learn to express their emotions in positive ways
  • Develop and practice artistic and life skills
  • Feel valued and connected to a community

When they learn to use their new artistic skills as coping methods, children are inspired to make positive changes. They begin to overcome their past and dream about a better future.

Mission: Transforming children’s trauma to resilience through the arts.

Vision: Every child who has experienced the trauma of abuse, neglect, and/or homelessness has access to resilience-building arts programs and caring adult volunteer mentors.


  • Resilience – We are optimistic, solutions-focused, and agile in an ever-changing environment.
  • Bravery – We take smart and well-supported risks. We try, sometimes we fail, we learn, and we try again. We bravely ask for feedback and have a growth mindset.
  • Connection – We build trust, and nurture strong and thoughtful connections.
  • Creativity – We are inspired, imaginative, and design impactful experiences and solutions. We use an “art with intention” model ensuring there is a reason and meaning behind all activities.
  • Strength – We look for the best in every situation and relationship. We seek, support, and celebrate the strengths of each individual.
  • Innovation – We strategically plan, using past-experiences and current information for a positive future.
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