About Our Organization

Who We Are?
The Father’s Day Council Tucson all volunteer executive board is comprised of leading members of our community. Each year, we honor individuals whose achievements and values enhance the meaning and status of Father’s Day.


What We Stand For?
In an age when the traditional family unit is taking on renewed focus, Father’s Day Council Tucson seeks to reinforce family values and enhance the role of fathers in our society by honoring men who have mastered the balancing act of career, fatherhood and civic involvement.


What We Do?
Father’s Day Council Tucson has a dual mission. The first is to identify and honor men who have not only proven to be extremely successful in their chosen field, but who also serve as outstanding role models in our community. The second, and equally important mission, is to raise funds for Type 1 Diabetes (formerly known as Juvenile Diabetes) research and endowment at Steele Children’s Research Center at The University of Arizona. Since 1994, Father’s Day Council Tucson has donated nearly $4 million for research in type 1 diabetes.

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