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Recognizing the importance of recreation, leisure and competitive opportunities which contribute to the quality of one's life, the primary mission of Arizona Disabled Sports (AzDS) is to provide a variety of programs and activities to individuals with disabilities. Toward this end, the organization will work to educate, inform and include the community in a comprehensive effort to provide year-round activities. Through participation, AzDS athletes will realize individual accomplishment, self-esteem, and respect for themselves and others. 



Our vision is a community that creates opportunities and empowers individuals of all abilities through sports and recreation. AzDS believes that quality of life should not be limited by a physical or intellectual disability. We believe it is possible to remove boundaries, enhance self-worth and empower self-actualization of individuals with disabilities through participation in athletic competition and recreational activities.



The roots of the Mesa Association of Sports for the Disabled (MASD), doing business as Arizona Disabled Sports, began in 1988 when an adaptive physical education teacher and a city recreation specialist saw the need to create an avenue for people with disabilities to be able to practice and compete in sports. This created a unique, cooperative effort between Mesa Public Schools and the City of Mesa Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities to provide a comprehensive program of sports and recreation for individuals with disabilities of all ages. The non-profit organization of MASD was founded on January 17, 1989, whose partnership with the City of Mesa and Mesa Public Schools continues to foster the growth of available programs and opportunities for individuals with disabilities.


"Let no one sit on the sidelines."

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